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SOFI Designed Banner Ad At www.fieldinspector.BIZ

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Your image is very important. Marketing to potential firms is very important. SOFI will design a banner ad that will be posted at www.fieldinspector.BIZ. Links will be established to your website and/or a SOFI-designed resume download site. The $150 price includes advertising (same ad) in a maximum of three states ... each additional state is $10 each. Call 321-543-2809 (east coast) to place any special order requiring a listing in more than three states.    WATCH VIDEO WITH SAMPLES  

DOWNLOAD Resume              Ad Expires 03/08/13         NJ/NY

SOFI will create a short introduction to your resume
showing your name and city location.

All Banners Ads ($150) are posted at the top of the page.



The key to growing your business is effective marketing.
SOFI help you grow your business. Post your resume at this high traffic website.

This is the largest resume download website in the field services industry.


Place a SOFI member banner on your website, resume and emails.
Right CLICK and save the image on your computer.