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Resume Posting Options

You have THREE resume posting options:

1. Use your own resume (Word or PDF format). Call 352-449-1041 (EST) on other formats.

2.  Use a resume created by SOFI. The price is $50 for SOFI to design and create your resume.

3. Use the SOFI online resume form which will be converted to a PDF format.

Use Your Own Resume
Email a copy of a resume that you have prepared rather than using the SOFI resume form. Your resume needs to be in a PDF or Word document file format. E-mail your resume as an attachment to richard@law.name  SOFI will upload your resume to the web site at www.fieldinspector.BIZ  Allow up to 24-hours for SOFI to perform this upload.

Use A Resume Created By SOFI

SOFI can also DESIGN your resume for $50. CLICK HERE for more information.

Use The SOFI Online HTML Resume Form

CLICK HERE to go to the online resume form. Complete the form and click on the Submit Button to send this form to SOFI. SOFI will post your resume in a PDF format at www.fieldinspector.BIZ Allow up to 24-hours for SOFI to perform this upload.


SOFI will create a short introduction to your resume
showing your name and city location.



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