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West Virginia (WV)
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I have been in the insurance & finance industry for 27 years. Specializing in all types of field inspections. Audit & Inventory Mgmt, Letter Delivery, Door Knocks, Repossessions & Foreclosure inspections. Vacancy verification, Owner Notification, Condition reports, Risk Management & Assessments, Rush Drive By & Residential Real Estate Inspections, Loan Inspections,  Warranty Inspections, Mechanical Failure, Floor plan audits, Collections, Pre-Auction Inspection, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Pre-warranty Inspections, Construction Phase/Progress % Verification, Claims Management, Fraud Investigation, Property & Auto Insurance loss Claims, Merchant Site, Merchant Cash Inspections, Check for Title, Scene Investigation, Damage Inspections, Borrower Certifications,  General site overviews, Collateral Inspections, Floor inventories, and many more.

Brook Bartness, Owner

Serving the Islands of Hawaii ... Northern California
... West Virginia ... Texas

Call/Text: 1.559.817.8318
Email: brookbartness@gmail.com

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